Monday, 21 March 2011

NGOs vs Corporations

Non – governmental organisations are usually committed to a social cause which aims to change people’s attitude and behaviour towards a problem or a social issue. The nature of the NGOs activities often oppose them to the corporate and political sector which result in tense and difficult relationships between those sectors. The corporate stance on transparency is one of the issues that causes contradictions between the third sector and the representatives of the corporate business. NGOs embrace the role of a guardian of the public interest which allows them to establish more open and trustful relationships with their publics. On the other hand corporate communicators often struggle to gain the public trust because even when the corporate behaviour is accountable to the public the intentions behind their actions are always open to doubt.
The partnership between the corporate and the third sector could be beneficial for both sides. Social responsible initiative undertaken by the business could improve and bring about positive change in the organisation – stakeholders relationships. Working side by side with organisations from the third sector may result in an increase of the public trust and enhance the business reputation. From NGOs point view the effective cooperation could help them spread the cause message and ensure financial support for their activities.

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